What are Anxiety and Depression?

All children, teens, and young adults experience anxious and depressed feelings at various times in their lives. Typically, these feelings are short-term, temporary, fade away, and eventually pass.
When anxious or depressed feelings don't go away, become stronger, and affect moods and daily functioning across environments over time and for an extended period of time, this is likely an indication that treatment is necessary.  Anxiety and Depression are treatable.

Anxiety is feeling worried, nervous, or uneasy about situations, events, or the unknown.  Signs that intervention may be necessary include the following:
-  Avoidance
-  Fear
-  Panic/Panic Attacks
-  Mood changes
-  Increased stress
-  School/work performance impacted

Depression is marked by distress, sad mood, loss of interest in activities, hopelessness, low energy, low self-esteem.  Signs that intervention may be necessary include the following:
-  Increased irritability
-  Acting out
-  Lashing out
-  Loss of effort and energy in day-to-day responsibilities or activities
-  Changes in sleep (trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up)
-  Increased crying/weeping
-  Feelings of helplessness/hopelessness
-  Increased thoughts about death, suicide, or harming self

Please see the treatment page for details regarding treatment for Anxiety and Depression, and if you or your child may be experiencing signs of Anxiety or Depression, call or emailDr. Sam to set up an appointment today.