Individual Therapy

Dr. Sam specializes in providing individual therapy for school-aged children, teens, and young adults.  Issues addressed in therapy may include but are not limited to: anxiety management, emotion regulation, social flexibility, communication skills, negative thinking, identity issues, self-esteem, challenges at school or work, compliance issues at home, self-monitoring, motivation, planning and organizing,  independence, and self-reliance.

For new clients, an intake session with Dr. Sam and the parents of the clients (or just the client if he/she is coming in independently), to discuss goals for therapy, and what they have been experiencing.  We will also discuss developmental, family, and treatment history; current environment; current family and social relationships; cultural considerations; values; hobbies; and interests.  This information gives Dr. Sam an initial idea of how to move forward and to begin fostering the therapeutic relationship.

A treatment planning session will then be scheduled, where Dr. Sam will present a treatment plan draft of measurable goals and milestone markers for the client, and work collaboratively with parents (or the client if an independent adult) to finalize the plan.  We will regularly visit the initial goals, identify milestones established, and discuss our progress.  Progress is determined by a number of factors, mostly depending on client and parent involvement outside of the meeting sessions.   Full commitment is critical for us to meet our goals.

For child clients, parents are significantly included in Dr. Sam’s approach to treatment and are expected to take an active role in their child’s therapy process.  This may include regular check-ins before and/or after sessions and separate meetings with parents to create a plan for developing skills at home, discussing treatment progress, and reviewing information for implementing plans.

Dr. Sam's foundational theoretical approach is cognitive-behavioral therapy, and she also incorporates aspects of behavior therapy, ACT therapy, insight therapy, psychoeducation, and family systems theories.  

Parent Coaching

Dr. Sam has found that parent involvement is crucial to the development and application of skills that children learn in individual therapy.  Separate parent coaching sessions may include:

-Psychoeducation around current issues
-Dealing with compliance issues
-Establishing behavior management systems and plans tailored to family values and cultures at home
-Creating structures, routines, and schedules to increase predictability as a means to support developing skills
-Increasing motivation
-Setting boundaries while providing meaningful and positive support


Dr. Sam often works with schools to develop ideas and plans to best support her clients in the classroom.  She can provide phone or in-person consultations with teachers and other support staff within the schools.